KCDO-TV   is an independently programmed broadcaster and the newest full power TV station serving the Denver DMA on Channel 3. K3 is our nickname and you will find it used in many of our IDs, promos and other station media. We invite you to watch what we have to offer and to browse our website for further information on our programming, where to tune, sales opportunities and public files.

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Program Guide
Want to know what's on K3? Look no further.    (Click to Show/Hide detail...)

Where to Tune
From over-the-air signals to subscriber based services via cable and DBS, here is where you'll need to tune.    (Show/Hide detail...)

Sales Opportunities
The powerful reach of local broadcast television connects advertisers to TV households in the Denver market.    (Show/Hide detail...)

Public Files
Find online copies of our EEO, Children’s Programming and other reports here.    (Show/Hide detail...)

Contact Us
Need to get in touch? K3 is only as far away as your phone or keyboard.    (Show/Hide detail...)

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